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Although three Mountain West Conference football games were canceled this Saturday, the matchup between Hawaii and Boise State carries on with its scheduled 6 p.m. kickoff at Aloha Stadium.

The Broncos landed in Honolulu approximately 24 hours prior to the game. How will the unusually quick road turnaround affect them?

Stay with KHON2 as we’ll provide live updates of the game online.

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Boise State 40, Hawaii 32, Final

9:48: Boise State takes knees to run out the clock and wins 40-32. Stay with KHON2 for continued coverage online.

9:46: With 1:53 remaining, Boise State gets a first down on the Hawaii 28. The Broncos can take knees to victory from here.

9:37: Boise State converts on a big third down to Hawaii territory. UH calls its last timeout with 2:42 remaining on second-and-8 from the Hawaii 38. A first down would virtually end the game since it would allow Boise to run out the clock.

9:33: Boise State ball on its own 25 after the touchback on the kickoff.

9:31: TOUCHDOWN UH. Cordeiro and Jared Smart connect on a 4-yard touchdown with 4:52 remaining. Turner then runs in the two-point conversion and Hawaii cuts the deficit to 40-32. The ‘Bows have one timeout left.

9:17: Hawaii forces a three-and-out and gets the ball back on its own 35 after the punt with 8:29 remaining.

9:13: Boise State from start from its own 25 after a touchback.

9:11: TOUCHDOWN TURNER. After a Calvin Turner touchdown gets called back, the ‘Bows go for it on fourth-and-6 from the Boise State 29 and convert. Turner then scores for real this time on a 15-yard reception from Cordeiro. Shipley’s PAT makes the deficit 40-24 with 9:56 left.

8:58: The Rainbow Warriors force a punt. After Dior Scott’s return, the Rainbow Warriors will start from their own 28 with 13:27 remaining.


8:53: The third quarter comes to an end with Boise State leading 40-17. The Broncos will have a fresh set of downs on their own 37 when play resumes.

8:49: Hawaii goes three-and-out again and punts. Stan Gaudion’s first punt of the season is a fair catch by Williams at the Boise State 27 with 1:35 left in the third.

8:45: Hawaii will start from its own 25 after a touchback on the kickoff.

8:42: TOUCHDOWN BOISE STATE. Van Buren’s second 11-yard score of the day comes with 3:38 remaining in the third. The Broncos lead 40-17.

8:33: TOUCHDOWN UH. Calvin Turner catches a short pass from Cordeiro and tightropes his way to a 36-yard touchdown. The ‘Bows go for two again and convert after Turner takes a direct snap to the end zone. Boise State still leads 33-17 with 5:36 remaining in the third.

8:23: TOUCHDOWN BSU. Andrew Van Buren takes it to the house 11 yards out, giving Boise a 33-9 lead with 8:18 left in the third. That could already be the dagger with the way things are going.

8:21: Things are starting to look bleak for Hawaii after a three-and-out and punt, which is returned to the UH 26 by Williams with 9:26 remaining in the third.

8:18: Hawaii will start from its own 25 after a touchback on the kickoff.

8:16: TOUCHDOWN BOISE. Avery Williams takes the ensuing kickoff to the house. After the extra point, Boise State stretches its lead to 26-9 with 10:54 remaining in the third.

8:12: TOUCHDOWN HAWAII. Calvin Turner punches it in from one yard out. The ‘Bows then go for two but Cordeiro comes up a yard short. Hawaii cuts the deficit to 19-9 with 11:09 remaining in the third quarter.

7:59: The Rainbow Warriors will start from their own 13 after the second half kickoff.


7:39: The first half ends with Boise State leading Hawaii 19-3. Plenty of missed opportunities for the Rainbow Warriors, who will receive the second half kickoff.

7:36: Hawaii goes three-and-out and punts yet again. Boise State gets the ball back on

7:31: TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS. Boise State scores on a trick play on a pass from CT Thomas to Khalil Shakir. Dalmas’ PAT is good and the Broncos lead 19-3 with 54 seconds left in the second quarter.

7:21: The Rainbow Warriors go three-and-out yet again. After another Adam Stack punt, Boise will start from its own 40 with 3:52 left in the first half.

7:19: The ‘Bows will start from their own 16 with 5:06 left in the half.

7:18: TOUCHDOWN BOISE STATE. Bachmeier and Khalil Shakir connect for a 38-yard touchdown, but the extra point is blocked. The Broncos still extend their lead to 12-3 with 5:11 left in the first half.

7:13: Hawaii can’t take advantage and goes three-and-out. After the punt, Boise State will start from the Hawaii 44 after a 34-yard return by Avery Williams with 5:49 left in the half.

7:10: Bachmeier takes a deep shot and is INTERCEPTED by Cameron Lockridge at the Hawaii 27 with 6:20 remaining in the second quarter.

7:02: The Rainbow Warriors get a first down but not much after, and Chevan Cordeiro’s first career punt on fourth-and-three goes into the end zone. Boise State’s next drive will start from its own 20 with 7:48 remaining in the second quarter.

6:58: Hawaii will start again on its own 25 after a touchback on the kickoff.

6:56: Boise State takes its first lead of the game on Dalmas’ 43-yard field goal with 10:09 remaining in the second quarter.


6:45: The first quarter comes to an end. Boise State faces second-and-4 from its own 25 when the second quarter begins.

6:44: The ‘Bows go three-and-out and punt. Boise State gets the ball back on its own 19 with 15 seconds left in the first quarter.

6:40: Calvin Turner’s kickoff return puts Hawaii on its own 35 with 1:07 left in the first.

6:38: The game is tied after a 32-yard field goal by Jonah Dalmas with 1:13 left in the first quarter. A 55-yard pass from Hank Bachmeier to CT Thomas put the Broncos deep in Hawaii territory but the ‘Bows held the Broncos to a field goal attempt.

6:27: Shipley kicks another touchback and the Broncos will start their next drive from their own 25.

6:24: Hawaii is on the board first. A 33-yard rush by quarterback Chevan Cordeiro helps advance the drive to the red zone, but the ‘Bows can’t get into the end zone. Shipley makes a 27-yard field goal to give the Rainbow Warriors a 3-0 lead with 4:36 left in the first.

6:14: The UH defense has really showed up to play so far, forcing another Boise State three-and-out. After the punt, the Rainbow Warriors get the ball back on their own 14 with 10:14 left in the first quarter.

6:09: The Rainbow Warriors also go three-and-out and punt. Boise State gets the ball back on its own 25.

6:06: Hawaii forces a three-and-out and punt. The Rainbow Warriors will start from their own 39 after a short punt.

6:03 p.m.: Matthew Shipley kicks the ball off for Hawaii into the end zone for a touchback. Boise State will begin from its own 25.


5:50 p.m. Both teams are ready to go for the last college football game of the day (and week).

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