LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — There were people on the scene today who say they heard and saw the plane crash at the Feu Follet Road post office. One woman says her mother was at the post office just before it happened.

“I don’t know if she saw it or heard it coming,” Kyra Batiste of Lafayette said.

Kyra Batiste says her mother was at the post office and was backing out of the parking lot when it happened. Batiste tells us she lives just around the corner. “I just heard a big boom and a swish at the post office. My mom was leaving the post office. She backed out,” Batiste noted.

Michelle Rawls of Lafayette says she was at home. Rawls says she heard what she believed to be the sound of an engine “letting go and pulling up.

“My son and hollered that there was a plane that crashed and he witnessed it coming low, taking out the power lines almost knocking out the roof on our building here,” Rawls added.

After hearing it was a plane crash Rawls headed outside. Rawls says she heard a woman screaming, saw power lines down and the plane. “I called 911 and they said they had already beeen contacted,” Rawls said.

People on the scene were advised to stay away from the crash site due to possible hazardous material concerns. “It woke me up out of my sleep. It was scary,” Batiste stated.