Kamehameha grad kicker/punter Adam Stack coming home to play for University of Hawaii


Adam Stack

Former Kamehameha kicker and punter Adam Stack announced on Tuesday his commitment to play for the University of Hawaii.

The junior played his first two years of college football at the University of Oregon in 2017 and 2018. Stack was the Ducks main punter as a freshman and then was only able to place-kick in ’18 as a sophomore, due to injury.

“It was a good time for me to look elsewhere,” said Stack. “I always had the feeling of coming home. So when that opportunity presented itself, it meant a lot to me.”

Stack redshirted and entered the transfer portal after the first two games of last season.

During his high school career at Kamehameha, Stack was one of the top kicker/punters in the country and was invited to the 2017 Army All-American Bowl.

“I’m gonna be honest, it came about in the past couple years,” said Stack. “Just missing home and realizing how special it was to play at home. In high school I always wanted to expand my horizons and play ball somewhere else, especially at a big program like Oregon. So I was pretty honest with Rolovich at that point about wanting to play on the mainland.”

Stack will be a grad transfer for the ‘Bows. He’ll finish up his degree early at the end of this term. His coursework hasn’t been as affected as most college students.

“I actually had planned for this last term to all be online anyway, so I could take visits and come home,” said Stack. “So the virus and all that didn’t affect my schooling that much because I was planning to be online anyway. That’s kinda how that worked out.”

Most of Kamehameha’s games are played at Aloha Stadium. For Adam Stack, this fall, it’ll be a familiar venue, at a different level.

“It’s gonna be cool to be back in that stadium. I know I got a good feel for it, so it should be special.”

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