Hula dancing down memory lane: Eric Dickerson remembers Pro Bowl days in Hawaii


Rams legend Eric Dickerson is one of the greatest running backs the NFL has ever seen. He was inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

Dickerson also played in six Pro Bowls, all in Hawaii. We showed NFL great a video from the 1984 Pro Bowl where Dickerson is taking a hula dancing lesson with other players.

“Oh my gosh let me see,” laughed Dickerson. “I remember that day, too. Look how young I was. I could not hula, let’s put it like that. I loved coming to Hawaii. Even back in those days playing the Pro Bowl. I remember that day, let’s put it like that.”

The football in Hawaii played a part in the early stages of Dickerson’s career.

“It meant a lot back then,” said Dickerson. “I won’t forget, I came to Hawaii as a college senior to play in the Hula Bowl. I’ll never forget it. It was myself, Dan Marino and Roger Craig. We were having dinner. I forgot the hotel we were staying at. And I’ll never forget the sunset going into the ocean. I’m like ‘oh man, I got to come back here.’ And I came back to six Pro Bowls. And I’ve always loved coming back to Hawaii. So it meant a lot then and it means a lot still.”

Rams RB Todd Gurley is currently one of the best players in the NFL. LA drafted another running back, Darrell Henderson in the third round this year, to battle for the backup RB job.

“I saw Darrell in college a little bit. It just depends on how you play in the preseason,” said Dickerson. “How you pick up the system. Do you fit the system? I think he can play in the national football league for sure. The kind of player he is, I think he’ll fit the system. I mean our guy is Todd Gurley for sure. But I think he’ll do well in our system.”

Dickerson will be signing autographs at Aloha Stadium before the Rams play the Cowboys on Saturday at 4:00pm.

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