HONOLULU (KHON2) — For the first time in what seemed like weeks, there has been no drama surrounding the University of Hawaii (UH) football program for 24 hours.

New head coach Timmy Chang is taking over a situation that remains in flux, with transfers leaving the islands and no Aloha Stadium to play in. However, many fans are excited to throw their support behind the former UH star quarterback.

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“It has been exhausting, just keeping up with it. Again, the ride of emotions, but at the same time, a little relief now that we have our head coach, and we can start this next chapter,” said Fuchsia Yamashiro, a UH football season ticket holder.

There was a quick change of pace in just a matter of hours from its criticism of June Jones in an early afternoon press conference to announcing Timmy Chang as new head football coach on Saturday, Jan. 22, just hours later.

With all of these recent events, UH had put fans through a marathon of mayhem, and many of those fans were in support of Jones to become the next head coach.

“I don’t blame June for not taking it. In fact, I don’t blame June at all throughout this whole process,” explained Gene Salubilo, a UH football fan for 48 years.

Yamashiro added that it was unique to see the consensus.

“Everyone really was united. It’s pretty incredible to have seen a whole island, the whole state, you know, around the world all backing June Jones,” continued Yamashiro.

Some still have questions about leadership after what transpired between the Todd Graham and June Jones theatrics.

“I feel that there’s something broken, obviously,” Salubilo said. “The way that thing went down, even the contract that that was offered to June Jones.”

Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, wanted more transparency with the hire.

“I was not supportive of a unilateral decision being made,” Sen. Dela Cruz said. “I really believe they needed a selection committee so that we can make sure that it’s going to be done fairly, there’s going to be at least some real thorough discussions.”

Moving forward, a large part of the fanbase is choosing to rally behind Chang even if they are upset with how things played out.

“I want to encourage people to really back up. I think we need to rally around the team, you know, not the administrators, but the team,” Salubilo stated.

“He represents us, all of us here that grew up here that love Hawaii because this is where we’re from, and there’s no better person to represent us in that matter.”

Fuchsia Yamashiro, UH football season ticket holder

Many are now hoping to create more great memories like years past, like Chang’s playing days in the early 2000s.

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“There are these moments that I watch on YouTube that just makes me really, really happy,” Yamashiro said. “One of those moments is when Timmy Chang broke the passing record and he ran across the field and gave his dad the game ball. You can’t feel anything but happy when you watch that video. It gives me chicken skin to this day. He’s a legend. “