Saint Louis product, Nick Herbig, has been a contributor to the Wisconsin Badger’s football team since the moment he stepped on campus in Madison as a freshman. In 2021, the Kaua’i native had nine sacks, two forced fumbles, and fourteen-and-a-half tackles for loss. He was one of the top defensive impact players of the Badgers defense. Now, Herbig is entering his junior season and will be draft NFL eligible at the end of the season.

“My thing is just hard work. I just travel to keep working harder. When I think I’m going hard I need to tell myself to go a little bit harder every day, just keep going harder a little bit everyday. I think having that mentality is going to take me there,” Herbig told KHON2’s Alan Hoshida, “I just want to to be that guy in the field that you have account for at all times, whether I’m in coverage, whether i’m stopping the run or pass rushing, I just want to be that guy. It’s unreal playing for Coach Leonard. He’s the best to do it. You know, I’m just grateful that I get to play for a guy like that and play with guys that want to play for him.”

Herbig is already in the conversation for the upcoming 2023 draft, so with another above average season his draft stock will only rise. It is also telling that Wisconsin has picked Nick to be one of the ream’s representatives at this year’s media day. Team’s often choose their top players or captains of the team to speak during the season opening event.

The former Cover2 Manti Te’o defensive player of the year is well prepared for the future, but loves to come home to islands to remember his past. He wears his alma mater on his sleeve, literally, with Saint Louis logo tattooed on his forearm.

“If it wasn’t for this place I probably wouldn’t be where I am. I owe them a lot. I owe the Lee brothers a lot. It runs deep. It’s tatted on me. It runs deep here. I have so much love for my school.”

Herbig and Wisconsin open their season on September 3rd at home against Illinois State.