Hawaii’s Jocelyn Alo is on a home run hitting pace to rewrite the record books at Oklahoma and College Softball


Jocelyn Alo // Oklahoma Sooners

Widely considered by many in the Hawaii softball community as the greatest hitter in state history, Campbell graduate Jocelyn Alo has now moved on to possibly rewriting the record books on college softball.

The Oklahoma senior slugger exploded onto the scene in 2018, crushing a school record 30 home runs, tying the all-time single season freshman mark with University of Hawaii legend Kelly Majam. From there, the Hau’ula native has never looked back.

Through 173 games played, Alo has 76 home runs, which includes a nation’s best 22 this season. Recently, she ended a 40 game hitting streak and currently owns a mind boggling .566 batting average which leads the country for players with at least 14 games played.

With the option of returning for a second senior season due to NCAA COVID-19 eligibility rules, Alo, who averages just under one home run a game is just 20 trips around the bases shy of becoming college softball’s all-time queen and doesn’t shy away from acknowledging that she is locked in on leaving her mark.

“Obviously it’s been a thing that I wanted since I was young and I didn’t really think I would be able to do it but my Dad had always talked about it and he was like, I know that you’re capable of this,” Alo told KHON2 Sports reporter Alan Hoshida on Wednesday. “From a young age he knew I was capable of it so it’s a thing that I would like to get but if I don’t, I know I’ll still be in history books for whatever that is.”

Adding to the Sooner storyline is that the current HR record holder is the legendary Oklahoma slugger Lauren Chamberlain who hit 95 home runs in 220 games between 2012-2015. In Chamberlain’s sophomore season, OU won the national championship, and according to Alo, that’s the career goal that means the most.

“I would gladly give up the home run record for a national championship any day. It’s does mean a lot and I think this team knows where we’re headed and knows that it’s very much possible with this team and I think that if we stay our course and keep playing our game, then hopefully we’ll be hosting it in June.”

The Sooners are currently 28-0, ranked as the unanimous number one in college softball. Oklahoma has 16 games remaining prior to the Big 12 Tournament starting May 14. The regional round of the NCAA Tournament is scheduled to start on May 21 with the Women’s College World Series getting underway on June 3 in Oklahoma City.

Jocelyn Alo // Oklahoma Sooners

Jocelyn Alo – 2021 season statistics & NCAA ranking (28 games)

.566: Batting average (2nd / 1st among players w/ 14+ games)

58: Runs batted in (1st)

.653: On-base percentage (2nd)

1.513: Slugging percentage (1st)

22: Home runs (1st)

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