Over his 12 year pro playing career, Mike Singletary helped revolutionize the linebacker position as the hall of famer enjoyed a legendary run with the Chicago Bears. This weekend the 10-time Pro Bowler returns to Aloha Stadium as head coach in the Hula Bowl.

75th edition of the College Football Senior All-Star Game will kickoff on Sunday where Singletary, who served as a head coach of the 49ers from 2009-12 as part of a neat two decade long coaching career which includes stints in the NFL, XFL, and The Spring League is no stranger to the 50th state.

Number 50 on the football field, Singletary played in all ten of his Pro Bowls at Aloha Stadium and even took to the turf in the 1981 Hula Bowl as a Baylor All-American.

40 years later and he’s back in what could end up being the final football game ever played at the iconic venue with construction of a new stadium looming with financial and safety issues currently preventing future games from being scheduled.

“Wow, looking at this stadium and just thinking about the guys that I played with, the competition that I had. The coaches that coaches the games. It’s pretty awesome being back here,” Singletary told KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello. “Coming to Hawaii and knowing that you were going to cross the water and have the opportunity to hear the music, eat the pineapples, the macadamia nuts, all the whole nine yards. It was always something that was kind of a climax to the end of a season. The people are just beautiful people. The music is beautiful. It’s just a great end of the year.”

Singletary will be coaching the ‘Aina Team opposite fellow former NFL head coach Rex Ryan with the Kai Team as players on both rosters have a chance to workout and interact with scouts from the NFL, CFL, XFL, and Arena Football.

“I think it’s great that these guys have a chance to play in maybe the last game that anybody plays here. Awesome stadium, awesome event, and I’m really excited about this week,” said Singletary.

Players and coaches began arriving to Hawaii on Tuesday following extensive COVID-19 testing and protocols which will continue throughout the week. In the short time that Singletary has to mentor the aspiring professionals, he said that the most important piece of advice that he would like to leave the players is a simple one that can be used both on and off the field.

“Always, the most important thing in the game is the detail. Making sure that they understand the technique of their position, because you can’t play this game on talent alone.”

The 75th Hula Bowl will kickoff on Sunday at 4:30pm HST. No fans will be in attendance but the game will be televised on the CBS Sports Network.

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