New Hawaii Governor-elect Josh Green expressed optimism about the new Aloha Stadium project when asked about the prospects of it on the KHON2 News at 7 on Wednesday.

“Just my personal preference as the Governor-elect is that they pause on any further decisions and let our team decide and I will respect any guidance that they give us, but again, I also respect that there’s one governor at a time. Governor Ige was very generous with me. If they have to make decisions, I will make the best of them,” Green said. “I do intend to build a stadium, though. The question, of course, is what we have around the stadium. We have some financing questions that linger. There’s $350 million or so already appropriated and costs are high and the state of Hawaii has to have a stadium.”

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The old Aloha Stadium was condemned in December 2020 but is still standing in Halawa. No official date has been give for its demolition, nor has a definite timeline been given for the New Aloha Stadium. Back in July, the 2026 college football season appeared to be an early projection, but recent developments have put those plans in flux.

“We are a modern state. I want our children to be able to aspire to have sports in their lives. I want culture to come to Hawaii, I want to be an attraction for major events, so we have to have a stadium,” Green said. “It will generate good economic growth, but boy, they did debate this thing for several years with the overall kind of finance plan to have the whole entertainment district. That would be the simpler process in my mind because all of those meetings already occurred.

“Again, I will respect whatever the Governor comes up with but I’m going to push pretty fast ahead with the stadium because I don’t want it to wait five or six years.”