Former MLB All-Star and Saint Louis alum Brandon League holds Hawaii close to his heart with clothing line


Following a successful 11-year MLB career in which he was named an All-Star closer in 2011, Brandon League has moved on to the next endeavor in his life.

League joined the pro ranks after getting selected in the second round of the MLB Draft by the Toronto Blue Jays following his senior year at Saint Louis in 2001. Although he hasn’t appeared in the major leagues since 2014, he continued to play professional baseball until 2017.

Since then, League has founded Parallel X League, a clothing line based in Southern California that was established in 2019. The website sells high-quality items such as shirts, pants, jackets, hats and more. Many of the clothing items have an island feel, a style inspired by League’s upbringing in Hawaii.

“First collection, the only thing that made sense to me was something that I held close to my heart, which was just Hawaii,” League told KHON2’s Alan Hoshida. “I remember going crazy at Waikiki Walls, surfing Waiks and then going to check on my mom, say hi to her with sandy feet and putting the board outside the Gucci store at Waikiki. Looking at Tom Ford and being inspired by that and having the background in athletics and surfing in Hawaii, the Hawaii roots.”

The transition from the lifestyle of being pro athlete to being a full-time father allowed League to pursue fashion.

“Coming out of baseball was pretty difficult for me. Just going from doing something every day which is training or being in season or getting ready for the next season, doing something every day and then all of a sudden it just stops and you have no obligations besides my family,” he said. “I’m a father of four girls so being home is nice, hanging out with them and catching up on lost time is great but I kind of wanted to do something for myself and go outside of my comfort zone and this clothing line made sense.

“Going from a player and having your coaches and front office to starting your own company where you’re the owner and you’re finding your staff and the clothes are like your players, you’ve seen how it performs and some performs better than others. Keeping some, changing some, bringing some new styles in. Same with my team. It’s a great staff and it’s different but it’s fun to be on that side for sure.”

Despite the company being based in California, League says he would cherish an opportunity to do more business in Hawaii, especially considering the influences the islands have had on his brand.

“Especially with the current collection, I’d love to get it on some people in Hawaii just because of the (inspiration) and I have sent some of the clothes to my friends and they love it and the feedback’s been great,” League said.

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