For Holloway, a win at UFC 245 is a victory for his team – more so than himself


For the first time since successfully defending his UFC featherweight for the third time, Waianae’s own Max Holloway is set to return to the Octagon on December 14th in Las Vegas at UFC 245. 

In preparation for his title defense against No. 1 contender Alexander Volkanovski, Holloway understands what’s at stakes when he enters the cage against a fighter who has said on record that he is the man to put a halt to the Blessed Express. 

“Defending the title, it takes a little extra. It does, because you’re already earning what you have, so you’re re-earning what you already have,” Hollloway said to KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello. “It’s real tough, but there’s a lot of questions that Volkanovski has and one of them is that he has a reach. I’m way more taller but he has a reach on me, and then another one is the strength and the power. The knockout power. He’d be knocking people out, and these the kind of questions that excite me and my team.”

In addition to simply defending his title in December, the 145-pound champion is is motivated to showcase his collection of gyms – Gracie Technics, Legacy Muay Thai, and Tactical Strength and Conditioning, and coaches he works with to the world. 

“This is what gets you up. It gets not only me, like I said, it’s my team. Everyone thinks it’s a me thing; me, me, me. It’s not a me thing. This is a team thing,” he said. “I got great guys, coaches, teammates, and all this. I think my team is the best team in the world. We just weren’t in the spots that these guys are at right now, yet. But people will find out, and it’s exciting. I heard their coaches are going up for Coach of the Year. (Israel Adesanya) is going up for Fighter of the Year, and their team is going up for Team of the Year, so, why not? Their special thing is kickboxing – he gets to see a Hawaiian kickboxer special coming December 14, so I’m excited.”

Holloway and Volkanovski will meet face-to-face at UFC 245 in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 14th. 

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