It was an impressive showing by Hawaii at the 2021 USA Boxing National Championships in Shreveport, Louisiana this past weekend.

A total of 11 boxers from the state captured National Championships with six more earning silver medals representing a number of divisions and weight classes.

Below is a detailed list of the accomplishments and the gyms that the fighter represents.

Gold Medal National Champions
Tehyana Tagalog, (Unattached) won Unopposed at Bantam Female 55 lbs.
Chaeypin Balubar (Unattached) won at Bantam Female 65 lbs
Izlyn Shirley (Westside Striking) won at Bantam Female 75 lbs.
Teeko Cottrell (Unattached) won at Bantam Female 106 lbs.
Angelique Tangaro (HR Boxing) won Unopposed at Intermediate Female 65 lbs.
Zariah Cottrell, (Unattached) won Unopposed at Intermediate Female 138 lbs
Sefo Mailo Carter (Westside Striking) won Intermediate Male 132 lbs.
Lorenzo Patricio (Aiwohi) won at Jr. Male 90 lbs.
Alexis Tangaro (HR Boxing) won at Jr. Female 114 lbs.
Azariah Cottrell (Unattached) won at Jr. Female 132 lbs.
Jazzelle Bobadilla (Boxfit 8o8) won at Elite Female 110 lbs.

Silver Medalists (2nd place) finishers
Kapu Hendricksen (Westside Striking) at Intermediate Male 75 lbs.
Naveah Lavarius (Boxfit 808) at Intermediate Female 85 lbs.
Liane Lyn Lino Lanford (Westside Striking) at Intermediate Female 106 lbs.
Jakayla Bobadilla (Boxfit 808) at Junior Female 95 lbs.
Shaylee Agasiva (Unattached) at Junior Female 145 lbs.
Leighton Patricio (Aiwohi) at Bantam Male 65 lbs.

Reached the Semi-finals (will be ranked in the top 4 in the USA)
Elijah Morita Dudoit (Unattached) at Elite Male 203 lbs.

Reached the quarterfinals (will be ranked in the top 10 in the USA)
Skyler Reyes (Pearlside Boxing Club) at Youth Male 139 lbs.
Hunter Kim (Koolauloa Boxing Club) at Youth Male 132 lbs.
Lyndon Patricio (Aiwohi Athletics) at Youth Male 119 lbs.
Colton Lowry (Westside Striking) at Junior Male 95 lbs.
Zion Stewart (Westside Striking) at Junior Male 125 lbs.
Daniel Paglinawan (I.Q. Boxing) at Bantam Male 65 lbs. and sister
Taydee Paglinawan (I.Q. Boxing) at Junior Female 110 lbs.