On the Road with Punahou receivers coach Miah Ostrowski

On the Road

For Arcade Night, Mark Veneri challenged former University of Hawaii football player and basketball standout Miah Ostrowski to a game of Madden.

As receivers coach at Punahou School, Ostrowski now shares his knowledge and experience with the next generation.

As they played, Ostrowski reflected on how technology has changed over the years.

“It’s definitely changed a lot. For one thing, back in our days when we used to watch film, it was on VHS. Nowadays, these kids, they’ve got iPads during the game,” he said.

One of Ostrowski’s players, Tamatoa Falatea, was selected as a 2019 Polynesian Bowl All-Star. 

“He’s a special kid. He’s a great athlete. He’s fast. He can catch the ball,” Ostrowski said. “He can definitely play Division I.”

When all was said and done, who emerged victorious on the virtual field?

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