On the Road with former Waianae, UH standout Nate Jackson

On the Road

Former Waianae, University of Hawaii standout Nate Jackson stepped away from coaching and watched his son, Nate Jackson Jr., play football for Kamehameha. 

His younger son now plays for Waianae’s JV team.

“It’s good that everybody can go click here, click there and have a highlight film,” he said. “In my aspect and the way I see it is if you put the effort and you give it all you got, that’s pretty much all you can do and they’ll come and find you.”

This past Sunday, Jackson’s teammate, Vince Manuwai, passed away.

“A lot of people are posting things about Vince on social media. All of it’s true,” Jackson said. “He always gave back. When you’d call him and say, ‘Hey Vince, I need this. I need that for the kids.’ He was like, ‘Yep, I’m there.’ He looked like a person you can’t approach, just his physical being, but once you get to know him, man, he was probably the nicest guy, and he’d do anything for kids. That’s the kind of person I strive to be.”

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