On Campus: Radford quarterback left Guam to pursue his dream

For Life

It’s no secret that the state of Hawaii is one of the top football hot beds in the nation.

A 2013 study showed that per capita, Hawaii was the fifth highest Division I college talent producing state in America.

That allure recruited Radford High School quarterback Quintin Iriarte 4,000 miles away from his family and native home of Guam.

The goal was to chase his dream of becoming one of only a handful of Guam’s high school players to ever receive a college scholarship.

Let’s take a trip on campus to Radford, where “Q” has gone from a football IQ near zero to quarterbacking an undefeated team.

For Iriarte, a crash course in football 101 and coming to America has been in session since last fall.

To learn football’s toughest position, Iriarte knew home couldn’t be where the heart is if he were to follow it.

His adventure was almost over before it started. After he arrived in Hawaii, he was soon deserted by a host family on an exchange program. On the brink of being forced to move back to Guam, Alexandria Goff and Lord Jaralba, parents of teammates Micah Guerra and Tristian Goff, were kind enough to take in Quintin to allow him to stay at Radford.

Without rent to pay, work ethic is the fee. Knowing he was behind in the mental side of the game, strength and conditioning guru Kenny Patton saw Q’s physical nature show itself before he took a snap for the Rams.

Now, with interest coming from a handful of colleges, including academic powerhouse Dartmouth of the Ivy League, the Radford senior hopes to one day take the skills he learned back to Guam and grow the game he loves.

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