Jayden Maiava’s football journey is just getting started

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Jayden Maiava is from Kaimuki. He spent most of his childhood there, but moved with his family to Las Vegas when he was 13. 

Now he’s back in town, spending this school year as a Bulldog. And even as just a sophomore, he’s one of the most talented quarterbacks in the state.

“I think I was like six years old. I was playing flag football. And one night my dad pulled me to the side and talked to me,” Maiava said. “He said ‘what do you want to do, son?’ And I was like, I wanna become an NFL player. Ever since that it just clicked to me. I’ve just been playing and doing my thing ever since.”

Racking up offers from schools like Auburn and Tennessee, is some of what Maiava has been doing since. He’s also grown to 6-foot-5, 205 pounds. So Kaimuki got a major boost when he decided to come back from Vegas and play with the guys he grew up with.

“I wanted to come back and play with the boys back here,” he said. 

Maiava has spiraled 30 touchdowns while helping the Bulldogs, a team with low numbers, to a 8-2 record and a playoff berth.

And Kaimuki head coach David Tautofi? That’s Jayden’s uncle.

“It’s really on our hands as coaches. On my hands as his coach and his uncle to make sure that this is contributing to make him a better all-around athlete, a better person,” Tautofi said. 

Just a 10th grader, Maiava still has the rest of his prep career, and a college one for which he’s in high demand. But this year, playing at home will always stick in his memory.

“I cherish every moment I have with these boys on the field because I’m not going to get this season back. I’m not going to be able to play with this team again. So I try to enjoy every moment, make every moment fun because you can’t get every second back … I wanna be playing in the NFL … I wanna be playing in the big leagues.”

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