Coming off injury, Campbell captain provides unwavering support for teammates

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Last week, Campbell racked up 42 points to advance to the state tournament.

In all the Sabers’ wins this year, they’ve scored at least 26 points.

Maybe the most important player on that offense who isn’t credited with a single one of those points: senior offensive lineman Sir-Wallace Chanel.

Chanel is a utility offensive lineman for Campbell. He slides along the line based on the game plan; how to best counteract the opposing defense.

In last week’s win, Chanel was providing protection for a new commodity, a freshman quarterback called up from JV just days prior to the game.

“He made the freshman feel real confident during the course of practice during the week, so everything turned out good,” said Campbell head coach Darren Johnson.

“Everybody believed in him. They gave him confidence. We just had to talk to him before the game, tell him just stay calm, act like it’s a JV game. We tell him we’ve got his back,” Chanel said.

The senior got a first-hand look at what looks to be the future of the Campbell offense.

“He was developing as a young man, just having good pocket presence, just staying calm in the pocket, just throwing the balls like he usually does,” Chanel said. “It kind of looked like he was out in there in a seven-on-seven tournament, just doing his job, just staying calm.”

Chanel got a taste of organized football in the fifth grade, then didn’t play again until ninth grade. He worked his way up to starting job as a sophomore.

But before last season even started, in a scrimmage, he tore the meniscus in his left leg and he was out for the year.

“It was sad because junior year is supposed to be your junior year, so I just took it day by day, came to practice, support the team, get mental reps, prepare for next season already,” he said.

“He thought he would never get hurt, but you know what he showed was he was still here. He came with his injury and tried to do all the right things, and in the off-season, he trained hard. He worked hard,” Johnson said.

“When we played Hilo, it felt really good, because that was my first game since my sophomore year. It felt good. It really brought the vibes back after the first hit and throughout the season, it carried on,” Chanel said.

Now he’s back, better, and making those around him better too.

“He knows his role. He’s a positive team captain,” Johnson said. “He doesn’t get down on people. He’s more of the guy that lifts them all up.”

“Keep everyone motivated, wanting to play football, because after a long season, it can be really daunting on people’s emotions. People don’t really want to play anymore,” Chanel said, “so if you give them that extra push, give them a little more will to play, we’ll be fine.”

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