Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden was still reflective on his team’s 28-10 loss on Sunday to the Los Angeles Chargers.

There were many issues that contributed to the Raiders loss. The defense gave up two more plays of 40-plus yards, bringing up the total to nine this season. The defense has given up 149 points so far this season, the third most in franchise history through five games.

On the flip side, Derek Carr threw his eighth interception of the season, which leads the NFL.

Still, Gruden believes there were some good things to build upon.

“Brandon Parker did some good things. That was his first start. I am proud of what he did. P.J. Halls made a bunch of plays. He’s a rookie. We played eight rookies at key positions. I am proud of what they did. Feliciano did some good things at his first start at guard,” Gruden said.

The Raiders have an unusual week moving forward, with their game this Sunday being in England.