With the University of Hawaii football team’s 2023 season less than two months away, offseason improvements to the Clarence T.C. Ching Athletics Complex are nearing completion.

The complex serves as the temporary home for the Rainbow Warriors as plans for a new Aloha Stadium progress. The upgrade will increase attendance capacity from 9,000 to 15,000, as new bleachers are being constructed. Part of the renovation includes closing corners to create tunnels for the team, providing an enclosed stadium feel.

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One of the most publicized aspects of the revamp is the relocation of a 75-foot video board from Halawa.

When asked about his dream vision for the Ching Complex, new Athletics Director Craig Angelos shared, “I’m torn because I love on-campus facilities. This is going to be a 15,000-seat facility this year, hopefully, even get people in there, really create an environment. I’m excited about the new vision of the Aloha Stadium and where that’s going to go, as it could be a wonderful jewel for the University of Hawaii, but also for the city and the state.”

If the Rainbow Warriors are to remain at the complex until the targeted New Aloha Stadium date of 2028, Angelos said “I want to make this a really first-class experience. We’ll continue to tinker with this over the years to make it even better and a solid stadium if we have to stay here longer.

“I want to make this a great in-game experience, a home field advantage, and to get people used to that. But then also be prepared for that beautiful stadium that’s going to come down the road a little bit.”

The journey towards that dream begins in Manoa. Hawaii’s 2023 season will get underway on Aug. 26 at Vanderbilt, with the first home game taking place on Friday, Sept. 1 against Stanford.