‘Champions’ in all aspects is Todd Graham’s message to football team


Todd Graham

‘Championship’ might have been one of the biggest words in the word cloud of everything said at the players meeting when Todd Graham was introduced as the next head coach of the University of Hawaii football team.

“He pretty much just wanted to focus on one goal and that’s just a to be a champion in whatever we’re doing, in the classroom, off the field, and that’s kind of his motto, he’s wants to be a champion,” said Rainbow Warrior receiver Lincoln Victor. “So that’s what he has come here to do.”

One of the other main themes of the players only meeting: continuing where last year left off.

“After hearing what he had to say as the head man I think we’re going in the right path,” said Victor. “I don’t think it’s going to be a rebuild season. I think it’s going to be us going on from what we had last year. There’s going to be no fall off. We want to pick up where we left off last year. It’s not about how many games we’re trying to win. We’re trying to win every game. Not be satisfied with making it to the Mountain West championship. We want to win that thing. I think him explaining that to us and really setting that in our minds really kind of gives us the urgency to get things going.”

“Told us that he expects his actions to work rather than just him telling us a bunch off things, so that was good to hear,” said Rainbow Warriors defensive lineman Mason Vega. “We have the same guys. So with those same guys we have the same team. It’s just a different person leading us now.”

Next up for Coach Graham: hitting the recruiting trail. National Letter of Intent Signing day is on February fifth.

As for when spring camp might start, Graham joked after his press conference “it’ll start in spring.” He added that it will probably be in March.

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