Campbell grad Jocelyn Alo launches personal website in hopes to capitalize on new NCAA name, image, likeness rule


Oklahoma’s Jocelyn Alo (78) celebrates as she runs home to score against Florida State during the sixth inning of the second game of the NCAA Women’s College World Series softball championship series Wednesday, June 9, 2021, in Oklahoma City. The final game is scheduled for Thursday. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

College athletics changed forever with the monumental NCAA rule change that allows college athletes to earn compensation for their name, image, likeness, or NIL for short.

Campbell graduate and current Oklahoma Sooners slugger, Jocelyn Alo, announced on social media that she is launching her own website,, to usher in the new era. The website is in it’s infancy stages but the Hau’ula native says she is working on exciting thing that will be released in the future, including merchandise.

“It’s going to help me not only in the future but now. Just being able to profit off the things and accomplishments that I’ve done. Not only will it help me as a college student, but it could also help my family in the future,” Alo told KHON2’s Alan Hoshida.

“I am planning on some merchandise coming out soon. I’ve just been working with a team behind the scenes with it. I have a lot of really good stuff in mind. I just want everyone to be surprised whenever it does happen, but just know I have a lot of good things brewing. Hopefully, it’s going to help, not only Hawai’i kids, but kids all around the world.”

The new NIL rule adds another layer to what it means to be a college student-athlete. In order for a player to capitalize on sponsorship or endorsement deals, they must perform on the field to become a recognizable name. Alo knows all the opportunities opened by the NIL only matter if she continues to strive to be her best academically.

“You have to perform in order yo get those sponsorships and partnerships, so to not lose the goal or the task at hand. That’s ultimately to have good grades because you can’t play unless you have good grades and to just to make sure your performing on the field as well. It’s just going to teach you how to grow up. You have to manage school, you have to manage your sport, and now you have to manage how your spend your time wisely. I’m excited for everyone and how they’re going to approach it.”

Alo’s whirlwind summer is only beginning. After winning the national championship last month, She returned home this week. Her stay will be short because she found out she’ll be jumping on a cross country flight to New York to attend the ESPYS on July 10th.

“I’m really excited for it. You know me I like to talk to a lot of people, so of course, I’m going to be talking to everybody. I think it will be really good for not only Oklahoma but also women’s sports to have us going up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A bunch of 20-year-old girls, you know what I’m saying? I’ll definitely be representing not only myself but Hawaii too. I always take Hawai’i wherever I go.”

ESPYS will be televised on ABC next Saturday at 2pm Hawai’i time.

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