Byrd, Warrior receivers prepared to take flight against Arizona


Too much of a good thing can be bad, unless they’re receivers in a run and shoot offense. 

The style of play combined with an influx of new talent at the receiver position, Hawaii quickly became a must-see offense to watch in college football last season. 

While it’s a common theme for sequels to never be as good as the original, this year’s Warrior offense might just back that trend. With receivers such as Cedric Byrd, JoJo Ward, Marquis Stovall, Jared Smart, Jason Matthew-Sharsh and Jason Phillips just to name a few, Hawaii has an arsenal of offensive weapons who can line up all over the field.

“Man, we got a nice receiving core. I mean, look out,” Byrd said. “We’re gonna put on a show for sure.”

Byrd is looking to take flight this season as quarterback Cole McDonal’ds No. 1 option, replacing current Seattle Seahawks slot receiver, John Ursua.

Byrd and Ward are the two starters returning with experience in this offense and if last year’s numbers are any indication,  there’s plenty of targets to go around in the scheme Hawaii runs. 

While Byrd admits every receiver wants to catch every pass imaginable, he understands that for the Run and Shoot to work, every receiver on the field must be on the same page. And because of that, Byrd knows what’s going on at every position around him.

“I feel like I understand the offense a lot more,” Byrd said. “I know all the positions so basically, I know where my teammates are and what their assignments are. As long as they’re executing their assignments, I know where the ball is going at all times, really.”

Smoke screens, disguised routes with options for receivers to in any which way depending on what defense the opposing corner is in, Hawaii’s receivers have the potential to make a big play on any given snap. Throughout training camp, the receivers have remained studious, determined and most of all, ready for gameday.

And now that kickoff is just a matter of days away, Byrd and the receivers are ready to electrify the crowd at Aloha Stadium. 

“Coming into this week, it just clicked in our heads today basically,” he said. “It’s a game this week. We just gotta prepare right and come out to ball, really.” 

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