The University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball team is preparing for the upcoming season, and on Wednesday, the Rainbow Warriors took the spotlight during their annual Media Day.

Head Coach Eran Ganot, now entering his ninth season, has successfully led the team to six consecutive winning seasons. However, the team’s crowning achievement under Ganot’s leadership remains their 2016 conference title.

Undoubtedly, adding another title to their legacy is the team’s long-term goal. This year, the responsibility of guiding the team towards that goal falls on the shoulders of the three captains: seniors Bernardo Da Silva, Noel Coleman, and Jovon McClanahan. These players, with a combined experience of 232 games wearing the green-H and tapa-trim, were chosen by both teammates and coaches.

Jovon McLanahan shared his sentiments, stating, “It’s just such an honor to represent the state. It starts there, and then you dive into teaching the guys that it’s more than just basketball here. Teaching the culture is important because you need to know what you’re playing for. I play my heart out because I understand what I’m playing for now.”

Expressing his gratitude, Noel Coleman said, “Man, it’s special because I didn’t think I was going to get it. I wasn’t planning on getting it. But, you know, knowing that the team and my teammates respect me and and my role and who I am on this court and on this team and especially the coaches as well, it means a great deal to me.”

Bernardo Da Silva reflected on his journey, saying,

“I’ve been here for it. This is coming in my fifth year right now, and I remember like playing here as a freshman. And just like everything that I’ve been through since then, like all the fans and everyone just supporting me, like I definitely feel like very special. But Hawaii, I really love the place and I love the community. I know the community is going to be behind us and I’m just really happy and I know that our team and myself, we’re going to give everything we’ve got this season.”

Fans eager to see the team in action have the opportunity this Friday during an admission-free open practice at the Sheriff Center.

The following Friday, UH will play an exhibition game against Saint Mary’s, with all proceeds going to Maui relief efforts.

The complete regular-season schedule is anticipated to be announced soon, with game one slated for the first week of November.