Two years after Trinity Sport Combat held the final locally produced MMA card in the state of Hawaii, the Hawaii-based organization returns this Friday with Trinity Kings 10 in Kapolei.

The fight card which will feature both professional and amateur bouts will be headlined by Bellator veteran, Hilo’s Toby Misech facing California’s Georgii Eivas at featherweight for the TK Super Fight Championship.

In total 17 bouts will take place, where perhaps the most high profile features an MMA debut as professional surfer Eli Olson will step into the cage for the first time facing Josiah Lagazo at 145-pounds.

Olson, who in 2020 was crowned the WSL’s Red Bull Big Wave Paddle Champion after dropping in on a jaw-dropping wave at the famed Pe’ahi break on Maui is no stranger to the world of martial arts.

“I actually started training jiu-jitsu over twenty years ago. It sounds crazy because I’m still in my twenties, I just always loved it. I fell in love with martial-arts and I’ve had my black belt for a few years now and because of training so much jiu-jitsu it connected me with a lot of friends who are professional fighters and they started to ask me over the years to help them with their fight camps,” Olson told KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello. “That was Martin Day, Louis Smolka, and they were in the UFC so I was like, wow, this is pretty cool. I’m just a local boy professional surfer but I’m helping these UFC fighters in their camps and for years they were trying to get me to take a fight and I was like, no, I’m surfing or I’m traveling, I’m too busy. Finally, I was like, you know what? They told me hey, there’s this card coming up, the Trinity card and I was like, I’m not traveling, waves are pretty slow and I can actually commit to a full camp for once and I just said let’s go and hit the green light.”

Olson’s debut will serve as the first fight of the main card following intermission of a card that begins at 7:00 pm and will be streamed worldwide on FITE TV and the FITE TV app. The big wave surfer doesn’t deny that battling butterflies will be one of the challenges on fight night, but carries confidence in past experiences at competing at the very highest and most dangerous levels of another sport.

“I do think that I have a head start on the average person for dealing with nerves. It sounds crazy but with big wave surfing , whether it’s Jaws or Waimea or Teahup’o, you have to overcome those mental battles and you have to be okay with whatever the outcome is and you kind of have to know that you really are putting your life on the line every time a wave is big. So, dealing with that with preparation and training and just like callusing the mind to be able to overcome huge obstacles like that, I do feel like that will help me out. Of course there are going to be nerves. You’re going into a fist fight, there’s going to be a huge crowd with a ton of people cheering you on. The nerves are going to be there but I think having a strong mindset and having confidence in my team and the training that I put in, I worked so hard leading up to this so I think that gives me confidence,” said Olson.

As for what happens next in the sport of MMA for Olson, he says that’s not a focus right now, he’s just concentrating on this bout and much like life in the open ocean, he’ll just see what wave he decides to charge next.

“That’s something that is kind of cool. A lot of the my teammates and coaches, they’re already talking about future fights and I was just like, whoa, let’s take this one at a time. It’s cool because as of right now, I don’t have any huge goals or trying to pursue it and I think that kind of takes pressure off of me because I’m not like, putting all this weight on my back that I have to perform, I have to win, like, this is the start of this journey. I’m just feeling it out and like I said, I just have so much love for this sport and surfing is still full-time and it’s never been better. So, I’m sure after this camp I’ve been so just tunnel vision training every single day that I haven’t been able to surf that much. You can even see my tan is even kind of gone away because I have just been living in the gym. I think first thing after this fight is definitely go try get a surf trip in and then kind of just talk to my coaches and go from there.”

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