Aloha Stadium has different effect on Rainbow Warriors veterans and newcomers


We’re over a week into the Rainbow Warriors football training camp and three weeks out from opening day against the University of Arizona. That game will be at home at Aloha Stadium.

Saturday’s practice was in Aiea on the game-day playing surface. The team scrimmaged for the last half of practice.

“This is my second time being here,” said junior college transfer defensive back Cortez Davis. “My first time being on the field and I like it. It’s big.”

Davis projects as a starter for the ‘Bows. He describes himself as a “cover-corner.” Davis grew up in Decatur, Georgia wearing the number 7 for his idol, Michael Vick. He played many positions, including quarterback through high school. The 5’11 DB has been blanketing UH’s receivers in the first week of camp. He had an interception get broken up at the last minute on Saturday.

“Coming to the team they welcomed me with open arms,” said Davis, who transferred from Itawamba Community College in Mississippi. “The grind that these players take on every day is something that I like. We’re very excited. We’ve worked really hard since I first got here in the spring. So we can’t wait.”

Conversely, many Warriors players saw the beginning of the end at Aloha Stadium on Saturday. It was the last first fall practice on that field.

“It was a long journey,” said senior running back Dayton Furuta who will play a big role in the offense this year. “I remember my first time playing in the stadium. It was Pop Warner, Waipio Panthers. After the championship game we had a little bowl game in the stadium, just that feeling when I was eight years old and the feeling now is still the same. I still get excited. I still get goosebumps.”

Training camp continues next week. Game number one is on August 24th when Arizona comes to the 808.

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