Hokulea’s longest voyage leg yet to take crew across the Atlantic Ocean


Crew members of the voyaging canoe Hokulea are preparing to depart Africa on Tuesday.

The crew will start making their way, for the first time ever, across the Atlantic Ocean.

The 12 crew members, including Captain Bruce Blankenfeld have been in Cape Town, South Africa, for more than a week, working 12-hour days rigging, provisioning and preparing themselves and Hokulea for the journey.

They say the preparations are similar to other voyages, and yet the mindset and the voyage itself is always different.

“But you have to treat it like a brand new exciting experience, which it is, it keeps you on your toes and that’s what keeps it more fun and safe,” said Blankenfeld by phone.

“Going from one continent to the next is pretty incredible, we talk about that pretty often here in Cape Town can you believe we’re in Cape Town, South Africa, for a Hokulea journey across the Atlantic, how crazy is this?” added navigator Kaleo Wong by phone.

Kaleo will navigate Hokulea from Cape Town 700 miles up the coast of Namibia on Africa’s west coast, across the Atlantic to brief stops at two islands, then on to northeastern Brazil, a journey expected to take about 35 days.

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