Hokulea makes another stop in South African leg of voyage

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Hawaii’s voyaging canoe Hokulea pulled into another South African port Saturday.

The canoe and her 12 crew members left Durban on the country’s east coast on Thursday morning, Hawaii time. They were headed for East London, but due to weather, decided to continue south to Port Elizabeth, where they are now.

They are scheduled to stay until Monday afternoon.

The Hokulea still needs to go around the Cape of Good Hope before reaching the end of this leg in Cape Town, South Africa, by mid-November.

“I’ve been preparing for this leg for a long time,” said navigator Nainoa Thompson, “so you can say years of research, and we’ve been thinking about it since we understood the risk issues. So we’ve been through this long process of mitigating risk, looking at these enormous opportunities of having Hokulea touch the sands of Africa. That’s not a common dream. That’s not something that as powerful as the visionaries were in the early years, I think, ever thought of that notion that there would be possibly this moment that you would put her on the sands of Africa, halfway around the world, the genesis of humanity. And us being the youngest culture to go back and to pay respect to humankind.”

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