In a recent heartwarming episode of Sam Choy’s in the Kitchen, viewers stepped into the cozy domain of KHON2’s morning Anchor, Sam Spangler, accompanied by his wife Chassis and their charming baby, Lily.

The culinary journey began with a timeless family favorite: Stuffed Bell Peppers. Under Sam Choy’s expert touch, this dish transformed into a comforting masterpiece that Chassis and Sam couldn’t get enough of. The intrigue deepened with the Nori Wrapped Mochiko Chicken, melding familiar textures with unique flavors, the Spangler’s loved the added twist with the Nori.  

A first on the show, we were introduced to Ube Battered Corndogs. Using Da Kine Hawaiian Ube Pancake mix  gave this classic a delightful makeover.  To round off the flavorful escapade, the Hawaiian Chili Beet Salad offered a refreshing blend of spice and sweetness, thanks to Chassis’ homemade chili pepper water that got Uncle Sam howling with delight.

The episode was just the right blend of family, love, and culinary art. Thanks to the Spangler family for sharing their kitchen tales. Tune into Sam Choy’s in the Kitchen for these delectable recipes and infuse your meals with a touch of island magic!

Breadcrumbs to Bind

Uncle Sam, a culinary connoisseur, swears by Panko breadcrumbs to transform runny dishes into gastronomic delights. He likens it to the skill of crafting a perfect stuffing, imparting depth and texture. Unlock the potential of Panko, a versatile ingredient, to take your cooking to new heights!