Sam Choy’s in the Kitchen – Yakkitori Hachibei

Sam Choy's In The Kitchen

A special visit to Yakkitori Hachibei in Honolulu for Sam Choy’s in the Kitchen.  John goes into uncharted tastebud terriorty as he tries chicken liver as he’s never had it before.   Uncle Sam makes some local skewers of his own to share.   Not to mention A5 Wagyu beef  and Hachibei’s signature 30 year old sauce.  

Dishes made:

  1. Chicken Wing Skewers
  2. Sukiyaki Skewers
  3. A5 Wagyu Beef Skewers
  4. Ahi Poke
  5. Kakiage
  6. Oyako Donburi
  7. Uncle Sam’s Poke Skewers

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