This week on Sam Choy’s In The Kitchen, we’ve got a treat for you! Dive into the world of delicious reinvention as we step into the home of our beloved former KHON2 anchor, Tammy Mori Brownfield. But there’s more! Joining in the culinary fun are Tammy’s charming daughters – Kaila, Noelle, and Juliette, each bringing a dash of youth and zest to the mix. Dishes made were, Tofu Ono Jook, Oven Bake Burritos, Chili Quesadillas and Spicy Ono Poke. Just as we say “time to grind,” Justin, Tammy’s husband, makes his grand entry, ready to relish the delightful spread. Join us for this culinary adventure and get inspired to reimagine your leftovers!

Pancake Batter Magic with Uncle Sam

Discover the versatility of pancake batter with Uncle Sam’s guidance! Who would’ve thought that one simple mix could give rise to not just pancakes, but also crispy fritters and soft muffins? The possibilities seem endless. Stay tuned as Uncle Sam reveals more about his innovative batter-based creations and transforms the way we see this mix.