Sam & John join forces with James Martin, ‘Da Bald Guy’ and star from ‘The Great Food Truck Race’. James shares insights from his thrilling experiences on the show. Dive into his signature Fresh Crab Cakes paired with a luscious burre blanc sauce and a delightful Bananas Foster’s French toast made with Punalu’u Sweet Bread. Additionally, don’t miss out on Sam and John’s captivating Firecracker Fish Roll featuring Ahi & Salmon – the perfect showstopper for any gathering. Tune in to feast your senses!

Uncle Sam Choy’s Quick Firecracker Rolls!

Craving a zesty bite? Dive into these simple, savory rolls. Start with a blend of fresh ahi and salmon, roll ’em up, and deep fry. Slice to reveal the magic within and drizzle my secret sauce for a final touch. Perfect for a speedy, flavorful delight!