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Which Rimowa luggage is best?

Rimowa is a dependable travel brand on a mission to provide expert travel solutions to expert travelers. With this philosophy in mind, Rimowa has been creating one-of-a-kind luggage for decades and continues to improve its models. This brand started as a family-run business and grew to be a luggage empire. No matter how much attention and recognition this brand gains, its staff continues to inspect each suitcase individually and provide unique customization features and first-class service to each customer. When purchasing Rimowa luggage, consider the size, what it is made from, the set that it comes with, and added accessories such as a handle, TSA locks and conveniently designed wheels.

If you are looking for a smooth rolling, lightweight maximum security suitcase, the Rimowa Topas 21 Inch Cabin Multiwheel Luggage is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy Rimowa luggage


Rimowa luggage comes in various sizes. The company’s website categorizes luggage based on where it will be stored when traveling. From small to large, the bags are organized in ascending order titled carry-on, cabin and check-in. Carry-on bags are smaller, while the cabin and check-in bags are a bit larger in size and stature. A carry-on bag will not exceed any airline’s size restrictions, and can be kept with you while traveling. A cabin bag will be medium-sized and can be put in the overhead cabin on the plane. A large check-in suitcase will have to be stored in the plane’s cargo hold and picked up after the flight at the baggage-claim area of the airport. No matter the size of the luggage, Rimowa incorporates the same safety and convenience features into all models.


Rimowa’s hard-shell suitcases are made from either aluminum, polycarbonate or a hybrid of the two to benefit users looking for added durability and security. These suitcases are a durable alternative to soft-side luggage, but can be significantly heavier and bulkier in build. Aluminum is the most durable material, but is not naturally water- or scratch-resistant, while polycarbonate is less durable but more lightweight and resistant to the elements. 


Rimowa luggage typically comes in a set. A set of Rimowa luggage will feature matching suitcases of various sizes to provide organization and make packed items easier to find. Each individual suitcase in a set of luggage will include similar accessories and features, but will vary in size. When choosing a Rimowa luggage set, consider the size of your family and how much you will be packing. Each suitcase in a Rimowa luggage set is labeled to specify whether it needs to be checked or can pass as a carry-on. 

What to look for in quality Rimowa Luggage


Rimowa products feature high-quality adjustable handles. When purchasing a Rimowa luggage set, consider the handles’ length in accordance with the size of the suitcase and your height. For example, if you plan to purchase a heavy suitcase, make sure that the handle adjusts and locks just a little above your hip for maximum comfort when transporting the bag. If the bag is smaller and does not feature wheels, check for a strap handle on multiple sides of the luggage. Handles that lock and extend make the luggage easy to carry as well as store. 


Rimowa luggage products are designed to provide maximum mobility and range of motion when transporting them from one place to the next. Some suitcases will feature four spinner wheels, making it easy to swivel them. Items made with four wheels are often more stable than those made with two. Other suitcases will feature two wheels for easy maneuvering and slanted carry when walking through an airport. Rimowa wheels tend to run smoothly on many different types of terrain. 


Rimowa luggage products feature a wide range of storage options for their customers. Most suitcases will feature a few mesh compartments to separate clothing items within the suitcase, as well as zipped pockets along the exterior to hold items such as charging cables and phones. Another storage feature of a Rimowa bag is the elastic straps to hold in clothing items and provide a greater sense of organization when packing and unpacking items. The more organized the interior, the easier it will be to find the items that you need while traveling. Rimawa products also feature USB ports for charging, which saves space for packing rather than adding an additional compartment. 

How much you can expect to spend on Rimowa luggage

Rimowa bags vary in price depending on their material, features and size. A less expensive model that is smaller will cost around $600-$900, while a large, higher-end model with the best material and features will be priced around $1,200-$2,000. 

Rimowa luggage FAQ

Can you return a Rimowa luggage item?

A. Currently, you cannot return merchandise purchased online to a physical RIMOWA store. To return an order that was purchased online, users can box the product in its original box and send it back through the account that they created on the website to purchase the product.

How do I clean my Rimowa luggage?

A. In order to keep your Rimowa luggage in good shape for future travels, use a cloth or a gentle sponge dampened with clean water. Any residue left on the exterior of the suitcase can be cleaned by using isopropyl alcohol. Use a presoaked wipe and wipe gently in circular motions. For any light scrapes on the surface of your case, use a wax-free polish. To clean leather components, use a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth to gently remove any dirt. 

What’s the best Rimowa luggage to buy?

Top Rimowa luggage

Rimowa Topas 21-Inch Cabin Multiwheel Luggage

Rimowa Topas 21-Inch Cabin Multiwheel Luggage

What you need to know: The Rimowa Topas 21-inch Cabin Multiwheel suitcase features four-wheel spinners for smooth-rolling mobility in any direction. It is made with aluminum and is very durable. 

What you’ll love: This specific suitcase features two Transportation Security Administration-approved combination locks and two flex divider systems to keep your items organized when traveling. Though it is made with aluminum, it feels extremely lightweight and does not require check-in at the airport. 

What you should consider: This item does not provide any flex to fit into tight spaces and is bulkier than other models. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top Rimowa luggage for the money

Rimowa Salsa Air

Rimowa Salsa Air 

What you need to know: This suitcase is extremely light and is designed to offer stability as well as portability without compromising durability. 

What you’ll love: This item comes in multiple colors and features a TSA lock for added security. The interior contains mesh dividers for organizational purposes while the handle is in the shape of a T-bar for mobility and convenient carrying. 

What you should consider: This item does not come in an option for two wheels, making it difficult to turn on its side when rolling through an airport. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Rimowa Hybrid Lufthansa Edition Check-In Large Luggage

Rimowa Hybrid Lufthansa Edition Check-In Large Luggage 

What you need to know: This suitcase features resilient material and is made out of aluminum and polycarbonate. These materials make the suitcase lightweight while still being durable. It includes a complimentary leather luggage tag and sticker set.

What you’ll love: This suitcase features a TSA-approved lock as well as an interior divider for organization and a bar handle for added mobility when traveling through an airport. The handle is extendable. 

What you should consider: You will have to wait for this item in baggage claim and it is too large and bulky for those looking to take a short trip or travel lightly. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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