Which LEGO Architecture set is best?

LEGO is known for its exciting, varied, and challenging builds, so it’s only natural that the enduring Danish toymaker offers a series of sets featuring famous buildings. The LEGO Architecture series was created in 2008, allowing LEGO fans to construct small replicas of famed palaces, towers, and skylines from around the world.

The most recent in the series is also one of the largest, a LEGO replica of the Taj Mahal, and it’s recommended for fans who want to make their own LEGO version of the iconic mausoleum in India.

What to know before you buy a LEGO Architecture set


The LEGO Architecture series can be divided into three types of sets. The most common option is a landmark LEGO set, which depicts a popular site or building. Landmark sets include skyscrapers like the Empire State Building or sites like London’s Trafalgar Square. Another type of set recreates skylines from large cities around the world, generally comprising a number of iconic landmarks. The skyline options include Sydney, San Francisco, Paris, and Las Vegas, among others. The third type of LEGO Architecture set honors notable buildings, often those by famous architects. These sets include the Sydney Opera House, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Robie House, and New York’s Rockefeller Center.

Piece count

The options in the Architecture Series range greatly in piece count — some earlier builds featured less than 100 pieces, while several others, including recent sets, have topped 1,000 or even 2,000. Piece count will influence how detailed the set is, as well as how long assembly will take. Most options fall between 250 and 750 pieces.

Age range

Most LEGO Architecture series sets are designed for older builders, with a majority of options recommended for ages 13 and up. Unlike most other sets, the piece count does not directly correlate to the target age range. That’s because even the simpler sets still require precise placement and patience. What’s more, upon completion, there are little to no interactive elements. Instead, these options are meant to be put on display.

What to look for in a quality LEGO Architecture set


Some Architecture sets feature more detail than others, particularly when it comes to the skyline series. Earlier sets in the Architecture series included fewer pieces, and while they resembled the buildings they are depicting, they weren’t especially detailed. When seeking out a building or landmark you like, keep an eye out for the notable features that are included, as well any features that are left out.


It’s important to take note of the size of the finished product, especially since some of the sets are particularly tall. Many options, particularly landmarks, stand between 1 and 2 feet high, while numerous skyline sets span nearly 2 feet in length. Not only do builders need space to assemble the set, but it’s also important to have enough room to display it when finished.


For those who aren’t keen on a specific landmark or building, consider how colorful and varied the model is, especially if you’ll be putting your build on full display in a room. Though they may be eye-catching in shape and design, many famous buildings are rather drab in color, with beige, gray, black, or white dominating the palette. A LEGO set with a splash of color will be desirable for some buyers.

How much you can expect to spend on a LEGO Architecture set

Most cost between $25 and $75, with price primarily influenced by the number of pieces included. The largest builds can come with a price tag of several hundred dollars.

LEGO Architecture set FAQ

What should I do with a LEGO Architecture set when it’s complete?

A. Sets in the Architecture series don’t offer much in the way of interactivity; instead, they should be put on display. Some options may be fitting on a mantle or shelf, while others may make a curious centerpiece on a coffee table. These sets have a more refined feel than other LEGO builds, which can allow them to integrate easily into a modern home, even those where only adults live. Many also come with small books revealing interesting facts about the building depicted.

Are LEGO Architecture sets good for kids?

A. LEGO sets allow kids to develop coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness — they must work with their hands and minds to follow instructions in order to create a satisfying final product. In addition, the Architecture series can teach kids about cities around the world. Numerous sets depict famous places from the United States, while others showcase buildings from China, Dubai, Japan, Germany, Singapore, and Australia.

What are the best LEGO Architecture sets to buy?

Top LEGO Architecture set

Taj Mahal

LEGO Architecture Taj Mahal

What you need to know: With more than 2,000 pieces, this depiction of an iconic global landmark is the newest entry into the series and one of the biggest available.

What you’ll love: Highly detailed and beautiful, the LEGO Taj Mahal is ideal for those builders seeking a time-consuming and satisfying project. The depiction features the building’s four iconic minarets, as well as a dome that removes easily. The interior includes a tomb replica.

What you should consider: This model is relatively small in size despite the high piece count. It’s expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top LEGO Architecture set for the money

London Skyline

LEGO Architecture London Skyline

What you need to know: This mid-range set offers plenty of value for its size and detail, depicting the instantly recognizable London riverfront. 

What you’ll love: This set packs in memorable buildings and landmarks, including the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben. At under 500 pieces, it’s a relatively simple build for a wide age range. Small footprint, easy to put on display.

What you should consider: Build may be too simple for adults seeking a challenge.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dubai Skyline

LEGO Architecture Dubai Skyline

What you need to know: A recently released set, this build features the modern skyscrapers of the sprawling and beautiful city of Dubai.

What you’ll love: The Burj Khalifa stands out in this set, reaching 1 foot in height. Other landmarks featured are the Dubai Frame and the Dubai Fountain. It’s a relatively challenging build with more than 700 pieces and requires precision and patience.

What you should consider: It is unquestionably on the pricier side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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