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Which door stopper is best?

Door stoppers are useful in a wide array of situations. You can use a door stopper to keep your door open while you haul in several trips of groceries or to prevent a door from swinging into your wall and damaging it. Whatever your situation, there are several types of door stoppers to help.

The best door stopper for the widest set of needs is the Jamm Door Stopper. Made of tough polymer plastic, this under-door stop secures the door from the end instead of the middle to secure the door in both directions.

Types of door stopper


This is the most popular type of door stopper. As the name suggests, this type of door stopper wedges underneath the door to prevent it from closing. They vary widely in their construction, coming in different sizes, weights and materials.


This door stopper has to be installed on the bottom of the door using screws or an adhesive. It has a hinged “foot” design that can be raised or lowered at will using your foot to interact with the stopper.


Also called a wall protector, this type of door stopper is meant to prevent the door from swinging too far open. It can attach to the wall, the floor or the bottom of the door, but it does require installation. It avoids denting the door by using a soft, often round head.

What to know before you buy a door stopper


Your needs dictate the type of door stopper you require. Wedges and kickdowns keep the door open with some wedges preventing movement in both directions, while bumpers prevent the door from swinging into the wall and damaging it.


Make sure the maximum height of your door stopper and the gap between your door and the floor are compatible by measuring. Wedges can be too short for the door and if the maximum door stop height and the door gap are the same, the door stopper might not hold the door effectively. For doors with large gaps, a kickdown door stop could be required.


For kickdown and bumper door stops, you’ll have to do some installation with either screws or adhesive. Screws are more secure, but you’ll have to put holes in your door or wall. Adhesive won’t damage your door or wall, but isn’t as secure and won’t last forever.

Floor type

Door stoppers come in all kinds of materials to best suit the type of floor they’ll be used on. Carpet, hardwood and vinyl floors all have different requirements.

Door stopper features


Generally door stoppers only work in one direction. Multidirectional under-door wedge stoppers prevent movement in both directions by being placed on the end of a door instead of the middle.


If you’re using a wedge door stopper, what are you supposed to do with it when you aren’t using it? Some wedge door stoppers will come with holders that can be adhered to the door or nearby wall for easy and convenient storage when not in use.


Most door stoppers are ugly, drab hunks of plastic. Select a door stopper with some color or fancy design work to spice up your space.

Door stopper cost

Door stoppers are very affordable no matter the type, design or material. A few dollars will get you an effective, though underwhelming, door stopper, while the $10-$15 range will give you as many options to choose from as you could want.

Door stopper FAQ

Can a door stopper be used to protect me from intruders?


A. While door stoppers can provide a small amount of extra security by upping the required amount of pressure needed to force a door open, their primary purpose is to keep a door open, not closed. Try installing a deadbolt for better security.

How secure can a door stopper be?

A. Under optimal circumstances, an average door stopper will confidently and capably secure a door from moving. However, adding pressure to the door or using a door stopper that isn’t the right size and construction for a specific door can easily dislodge the door stopper.

Which door stopper should I get?

Best of the best door stopper

Jamm Door Stopper

Jamm Door Stopper

What you need to know: This door stopper wedges underneath the end of the door instead of the middle, wedging the door in both directions.

What you’ll love: The tough polymer material is incredibly durable and this door stopper comes in multiple colors.

What you should consider: The maximum door gap of 1 inch is shorter than other door stoppers.

Available on Amazon

Best bang for your buck door stopper

Wundermax Door Stopper

Wundermax Door Stopper

What you need to know: This tough rubber nonslip stopper is built to secure doors on even the smoothest surfaces.

What you’ll love: The 1.3-inch max wedge gap keeps this under-door stopper usable on almost any door.

What you should consider: This model doesn’t work as well in older buildings with larger door gaps.

Available on Amazon

Honorable mention door stopper

Tenby Easy-Step Door Stop

Tenby Easy-Step Door Stop

What you need to know: This kick-down door stopper is incredibly versatile, thanks to its simple installation.

What you’ll love: The aluminum is strong enough to withstand pressure from the heaviest of doors without bending.

What you should consider: Some users reported that the included screws aren’t long enough to properly secure the door stopper, so an additional purchase of longer screws may be necessary.

Available on Amazon


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