Which walking canes with chairs are best?

With a walking cane with a built-in chair, you receive all the assistance you need when walking, and the added benefit of being able to rest whenever needed. This can free you up to take longer walks or join your family and friends in activities you might not have been able to take part in before. 

There are many styles of these canes with chairs, which can make it difficult to pick the correct one for your needs. One of the best options is the Switch Sticks Walking Cane With Folding Chair.

What to know before you buy a walking cane with chair

Type of chair

There are two main chair types found in walking canes with chairs: plastic platforms and fabric seats. 

  • Plastic platform: Most of the chairs are plastic, as they’re lightweight and take up little space. Their handles are frequently placed in front of the seat to assist in getting up and sitting down. They aren’t as sturdy or as comfortable as fabric seats.
  • Fabric seat: They’re bulkier than plastic platforms, with an almost umbrella-type look. They do not provide support for getting up and sitting down, but are more comfortable. 

Cane material

Walking canes with chairs are usually made of aluminum or steel.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum walking canes are lightweight, making them better suited to those with low upper-body strength.  Many have adjustable heights and they’re as durable as steel.
  • Steel: Steel is heavier than aluminum, with an emphasis on providing more support for heavier individuals. They aren’t usually adjustable.


Walking canes with chairs take advantage of several types of handles. Many use derby handles, which are flat and extend toward the bearer, while others use round or offset handles. Derby handles can be more comfortable for those with arthritis while those who need more support might prefer an offset handle.

What to look for in a quality walking cane with chair

Weight limit

All walking canes with chairs have a weight limit, but the given limit is rarely straightforward. Frequently, the listed weight limit is the weight at which the chair begins to take damage rather than the functioning weight limit, which is usually 50 pounds lighter. For example: a chair has a 300-pound listed limit. A 295-pound man will cause the supports to strain and eventually buckle when a 245-pound man wouldn’t. Most models have listed weight limits of 250 to 500 pounds.


There are different aspects of legs to discuss if they’re used as chair or cane.

  • Chair: When in chair mode, they use either three or four legs. Chairs with four legs feel more stable but add to the weight of the cane. 
  • Cane: Canes use some or all of the chair legs for walking stability. The more legs that touch the ground, the more supported you feel when shifting your weight to your cane. Legs that don’t touch the ground splay outward, potentially knocking into objects and destabilizing you.

How much you can expect to spend on a walking cane with chair

Walking canes with chairs can cost anywhere between $20-$100, with more walking canes offering better construction and higher weight limits. Use caution when shopping in the lower price ranges to ensure you don’t purchase a weak cane.

Walking cane with chair FAQ

What is the proper method of using a walking cane with chair?

A. Using a walking cane might seem simple on the surface, but many struggle to find their balance when first introduced to one, especially those with more severe medical needs. First, hold your cane in the hand closest to your weak leg and put most of your weight on the cane. Then, take a small step with your strong leg and apply your weight to it. Finally, move your cane to be equal with your strong leg and shift your weight to the cane as you bring your weak leg forward. 

What happens if my walking cane isn’t the right length for me?

A. That depends on whether it is too short or too tall. If it’s too short, you’ll need to bend slightly to adjust, which can lead to muscle strain and injury. If it’s too tall, you won’t be able to put your full weight on the cane, leading to issues with balance. 

How can I find the right length walking cane?

A. Stand flat footed with your arms resting at your sides and have someone measure the distance from the ground to your wrist. Purchase as close to that measurement as you can.

What’s the best walking cane with chair to buy?

Top walking cane with chair

Switch Sticks Walking Cane With Folding Chair

What you need to know: This high-quality cane-chair combination is the perfect solution for any one who needs to take the occasional rest while walking.

What you’ll love: The cane’s handle is made of wood. The cane has a folded height of 34 inches and a chair height of 20 inches. Three colors are available: an elegant brass and two multicolored bubble options.

What you should consider: The cane can be difficult to fold in and out of use as a chair, and some consumers reported the chair mode to feel unsteady.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top walking cane with chair for the money

Drive Medical RTL10365-ADJ Adjustable Folding Cane with Seat

Drive Medical RTL10365-ADJ Adjustable Folding Cane With Seat

What you need to know: This is a good budget option for those who might not always need a cane or for those needing the chair functionality for special occasions.

What you’ll love: The black and brass design is attractive and elegant. The length of the cane and height of the seat are adjustable, 34-38 inches and 19-22 inches respectively. When you’re seated, the handle is in front of you for help getting up and sitting down.

What you should consider: The seat size of the chair can be too small for many people, and the functional weight limit isn’t as high as the 250 pounds listed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Freshore Folding Cane with Heavy Duty Chair

Freshore Folding Cane With Heavy Duty Chair

What you need to know: This heavy-duty, high-weight-limit walking cane with chair is perfect for those who love to take long walks while stopping to smell the roses.

What you’ll love: It’s available in four sizes and three colors: light gray, dark gray and blue. The cane is made from stainless steel and the seat is made from a high-quality cloth for extra durability. The weight limit is 250 pounds.

What you should consider: Neither the cane nor the chair is adjustable. The chair mode does not offer assistance for sitting down or standing up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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