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A stylish cape will make you a superhero of fashion

Months ahead of the fall season, fashion experts were predicting that capes would be in style, while top designers were showcasing them on the runways. Now that chilly weather has arrived, capes are trending just in time for winter. 

It’s no wonder that capes are back in style. Their sleeveless structure and flowing fit give them a sophisticated appearance. What’s more, capes look graceful when paired with other classic wardrobe pieces. To sport this dramatic look this season, all you have to do is find a fashionable cape you love. 

Features of capes

You may think of superheroes when you think of capes, but those have little in common with the capes that are made to be worn with your favorite wintertime outfits.

The type of capes in the fashion space are made up of sleeveless material that covers the arms, chest and back. The length typically falls around the middle to the back. However, some longer capes or those with a poncho-like design have hems that falls around the hip. Longer capes aren’t as common, but ankle-length styles are also available. 

The hemline of a cape may have an even or asymmetrical cut. While some capes have fasteners such as buttons, zippers or ties, others have a slip-on or open front design.

Styles of capes

While all capes have a loose fit and sleeveless design, there are variations. Some of the most popular styles are available from top retailers so you can easily find a fashionable cape to fit your sense of fashion. 

Classic cape

Most capes worn for fashion fall into the classic category. They either have an open front or various closures, and feature hemlines that fall about mid-back. What’s more, their hemlines may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Classic capes may be made of lightweight or heavy material. 

Poncho cape

A poncho cape combines the open front of a classic cape with the thick, warm material of a poncho. Typically longer than a classic design, poncho capes are waist-length or a bit longer. 

Short or cropped cape

Although similar to classic capes when it comes to other features such as closures and hemline shapes, short or cropped capes are simply shorter in length. They are ideal for anyone who likes edgy fashions. 

Sweater cape

Sweater capes are made of knitted cotton, cotton-blend or polyester material. The fabric feels like that of a typical sweater, but the design sports the flowing structure of a cape. However, some sweater capes have a hybrid design that combines a standard sweater with sleeves with an attached cape for a contemporary look. 

Jacket or coat cape 

This type of cape is made for outdoor wear. Options range from lightweight jackets to heavy coats with the classic cape design. In addition to a sophisticated appearance, the loose-fitting material of jacket and coat capes make them perfect for layering with other outwear and winter fashions. 

What should I wear with a cape?

Another good reason to add a cape to your wardrobe is their versatility. Capes with casual styles look great with jeans or athletic wear for hanging out or running errands. Dressy capes can easily be paired with leggings, trousers or skirts to wear to work or a show. 

When it comes to pairing a cape with shirts, your options are almost unlimited thanks to the loose fit and ample material. Turtlenecks, mock necks, blouses, sweaters and even t-shirts all look stylish when worn with a cape.  

From sneakers to flats and high boots to high heels, you can pull off most types of footwear with a cape. So whether you like an everyday look with your favorite athletic shoes or prefer a dramatic ensemble with thigh-high boots, there’s a cape available to fit your shoe style. 

Best capes to add to your your winter wardrobe

Best Goodthreads Poncho Cape

Goodthreads Poncho Cape

This cape features a poncho design with a hemline that falls beneath the hip on most wearers. The warm colors, geometric patterns and flowing material create an eye-catching look. It’s easy to wear thanks to the open front.

Sold by Amazon

Best MissShorthair Lightweight Knitted Cape

MissShorthair Lightweight Knitted Cape

If you are looking for a cape that’s made of lightweight material that makes it suitable for mild winter weather, this is the one to consider. This knitted fabric is warm without being bulky. It has a button closure that’s both trendy and versatile. You can choose from several beautiful colors. 

Sold by Amazon

Best LC Lauren Conrad Solid Knit Riding Cape

LC Lauren Conrad Solid Knit Riding Cape

The LC Lauren Conrad Riding Cape is lightweight yet warm. It features one button at the neckline that’s stylishly simplistic. Two front pockets will keep your hands warm on chilly days. 

Sold by Kohl’s

Best DKNY Cape Jacket with Hardware

DKNY Cape Jacket with Hardware

An eye-catching black and white pattern and gleaming goldtone hardware make this stylish cape stand out. It features vegan leather accents that give it a high-end look. We love that it’s available in a wide range of sizes, from extra small to extra large. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Barbour Stitch Guernsey Cape Sweater

Barbour Stitch Guernsey Cape Sweater

Although you could layer this cape, there’s no need. That’s because it’s a sweater and cape in one attractive garment. It features a flattering funnel neckline and is made of 100% cotton knit that’s soft and comfortable. 

Sod by Backcountry

Best Linda Anderson Spacedye Cape.jpg

Linda Anderson Spacedye Cape

Made with casual days in mind, this cape’s fleece material and swirled pattern make it both comfortable and attractive. A zippered front and spacious pockets are its other appealing features. It’s available in gray, blue and red. 

Sold by Kohl’s

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