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Which fireplace grates are best?

If you have a fireplace, you know a fireplace grate isn’t an option; it is crucial to the performance and care of your fireplace. Because of this, you purchase the best fireplace grate you can.

There are a number of key features a standout fireplace grate has. Our favorite, the Hy-C Liberty Foundry Fireplace Grate, is a durable, cast-iron unit designed so your fire can burn efficiently.

What to know before you buy a fireplace grate


When shopping for a fireplace grate, size is the primary consideration. If you purchase a fireplace grate that is too large, it won’t fit into the firebox; if you purchase one that is too small, the airflow will be too high and your fire will burn too fast. To learn what size fireplace grate you need, measure the depth of the interior of your firebox (the area that houses the actual fire) and the interior width of the firebox, both the front and rear; it should be narrower in the back for smoke to properly draft up the chimney. Since there must be 3 inches of clearance on all sides of the grate, subtract 6 inches from each measurement to determine the size grate you need.


If you purchase a steel fireplace grate, look for a model with thicker bars (for durability). Also, a steel model is the only type of fireplace grate that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you intend on using your fireplace grate outdoors, check your owner’s manual to be certain the model that you are choosing is suitable for outdoor use.

If properly cared for, cast iron is the more desirable material for indoor fireplaces because it is more durable.

What to look for in a quality fireplace grate


A rule of thumb is to purchase a fireplace grate that has the most bars. The more bars your fireplace grate has, the more support it will have for holding burning wood and the less likely it will be for partially burned wood to slip through the grates. Also, the thicker the bars, the more durable they tend to be.


While a fireplace grate may come in many attractive designs, the important aspect is whatever the shape, it has a valley of some sort to keep the logs secure so they can’t roll off the grate as they burn down. Not only can this be annoying, it can be dangerous.


The legs on your fireplace grate should be tall enough to allow you to safely and easily light the wood from underneath.


The purpose of a mesh on your fireplace grate is to help keep the embers in the grate for a longer period of time to allow for the most efficient and thorough burning of your logs. Not all grates will have this feature.

How much you can expect to spend on a fireplace grate

Fireplace grates have a wide price range. At the low end, you can get a model for less than $25. If you want to spend a great deal of money, however, you could drop up to $200. For most, a fireplace grate in the $50-$80 range is sufficient.

Fireplace grate FAQ

What is the purpose of a fireplace grate?

A. A fireplace grate keeps the logs off your fireplace floor which not only protects your fireplace from heat damage, it allows for a better flow of oxygen, which is what feeds the fire. Additionally, the grate holds the logs in place so they don’t roll out of the fireplace as they burn down.

What do you do with fireplace ash?

A. After it cools, fireplace ash can either be discarded or used in a variety of ways. Some of the best uses for fireplace ash are to sprinkle it sparingly into your compost pile, use it to de-ice walkways or add it to the soil to feed your tomatoes.

What’s the best fireplace grate to buy?

Top fireplace grate

Hy-C Liberty Foundry Fireplace Grate

Hy-C Liberty Foundry Fireplace Grate

What you need to know: A heavy-duty, cast-iron fireplace grate in the shape of a low basket, it helps keep logs in place.

What you’ll love: This large fireplace grate (27 inches front, 23 inches back, and 15 inches deep) is designed to hold a good bit of wood above the floor of your fireplace. This allows the air to circulate freely.

What you should consider: This grate weighs nearly 30 pounds, so it can be difficult for some to handle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fireplace grate for money

Rocky Mountain Radar Fireplace Grate with Ember Retainer

Rocky Mountain Radar Fireplace Grate with Ember Retainer

What you need to know: This economical option has a mesh design to help keep embers near the logs for more efficient burning.

What you’ll love: The weld quality of this grate makes it a sturdy model. The heat-treated metal and the powder-coated finish aid in durability. It sells for a reasonable price.

What you should consider: The measurements of this item are taken from the base, which is longer than the area that holds the logs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Grate

Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Grate

What you need to know: A simple yet solid fireplace grate, it is manufactured using thick, durable bars.

What you’ll love: The V-shape of this rack holds logs and kindling close together for easier lighting. This model is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What you should consider: Some users preferred this item was made with cast iron, but the steel is still impressively durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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