Newsfeed Now: Parents say they would lie to get underage kids vaccines; ‘rage rooms’ offering smashing stress relief

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(NEXSTAR) – Kids are preparing to go back to school and with COVID-19 cases once again surging and children under 12 unable to get the vaccine. Some parents are at least considering taking matters into their own hands, going as far as lying about the age of their kids to get them vaccinated,

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The Olympic Games continue, even in the midst of a surge in COVID cases. Officials in Tokyo are alarmed as cases hit record highs for the third straight day. Tokyo reported 3,865 new cases Thursday, up from 3,177 on Wednesday and double the number it had a week ago.

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President Joe Biden is back on the road selling his infrastructure plan to Americans. Progress on a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package is still stalled in the Senate.

It’s a story that tugged on the heartstrings of Arkansans as they watched Louie Schneider battle multiple medical issues. Now the boy’s mother is accused of faking his sickness, causing him to get unnecessary medical treatments.

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Sharks are taking over some canals in Florida and red tie could be to blame. Residents Longboat Key were stunned to find hundreds of sharks steps away from their homes.

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A rage room in North Carolina may be the perfect way to blow off some steam and have a good workout.

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