Young boy hospitalized before Bruno Mars concert


Thousands enjoyed the concert last night, but one young fan had to leave early, a young boy who has a rare brain cancer.

His name is Jayvis Ilar.

He turned 14 years-old last month and just five days later, he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG).

“For Jayvis and his lifestyle. It’s kinda like, it’s his motor skills. It’s his way of talking, way of living. How he talks,how he walks… his motor functioning,” said J.R. Ilar, Jayvis’s Uncle.

His family was told Jayvis is one of three children who were diagnosed with this condition this year in hawaii.

On the day of the Bruno Mars concert, they say Jayvis was normal, and very excited to see Bruno Mars.

“He used to always sing uptown funk,” said Ilar. “Singing the lyrics when he was healthy.” 

They had received VIP tickets donated by friends and family and were ready to have a good night.

“He was excited and ecstatic when he found out, you know, he’s going to go. And it was just smiles, from ear to ear.”

But things took a turn for the worst. Just as they arrived in the parking lot, they noticed he was unresponsive.

“He became unresponsive verbally and incoherent, and then kind of like nodding his head, you know, expressing himself. He hears us but he wasn’t responding to any verbal or touch,” said J.R. Ilar.

They immediately flagged down EMS and the decision was made to have Jayvis start radiation immediately instead of next week.

“Not knowing the timeframe… not knowing what you have, so it’s like every moment you have to cherish,” said Jolani Ilar, Jayvis’ mother.

They say if Bruno sent Jayvis a message, it would make his dream come true.

“It would make his day. He would be smiling from ear to ear. He’d be stoking on that one,” said J.R. Ilar. 

Jayvis will be continuing his radiation treatment this weekend. His family says they hope they can spread awareness of this disease so that one day there might be a cure.

The family also has a Go Fund Me page which you can see here.

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