World premiere of the Hawaiian language version of Disney’s film ‘Moana’


Tonight is the world premiere of the Hawaiian language version of Disney’s film ‘Moana.’

Howard Dashefsky is at Ko Olina for the festivities.

Howard: “It’s World Ocean’s Day so no red carpet, the blue carpet and here leading the procession of course the local girl.   
So exciting for your to be here Auli’i, this movie is already a big hit, but to have it redone in the native tongue, how exciting is this for you?”

Auli’i: “it’s exciting, it feels so good.  To be surrounded by the crowd, which is my family, it’s just an amazing experience to work with Disney first and then to work with the collaborative effort with Disney and UH Manoa, it’s a completely different feeling that I couldn’t be more proud of.”

Howard: “you just graduated but you missed graduation, you didn’t get to walk, you didn’t get to go to prom, this is prom right here right?”

Auli’i: “oh yah, I mean, I can’t say that my prom had a blue carpet now can I?”

Howard: “just as cool.  What’s next for you? “

Auli’i: “well, a lot of things in the works actually.  I’m reallyl grateful for my time with NBC and I got to work with Disney and now the new ventures take me to L.A. And New York City.  Different things going on.  Can’t say too much but look out for me.”

Howard: “good.  Enjoy the carpet, enjoy the moment.  Aloha to you.  Auli’i Cravalho, the local  girl Moana in Hawai’i.  By the way she didn’t grow up speaking Hawaiian but she did have intensive lessons in the Hawaiian language at Kamehameha Schools because she knew that if you’re gonna do this in Hawaii, you best nail it, so by all accounts, she did. Reporting live from Ko Olina, on the beach, my toes in the sand, Kathy we send it back to you.” 

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