World leaders clash at G7 Summit, divided stances on climate change and trade


The G7 Summit in France is underway as world leaders are clashing on their stance on issues like trade and climate change–especially on their response to the wildfires burning through the Amazon rainforest.

“There was a true convergence that we all agreed to help as quickly as possible the countries that were affected by these fires,” French President Emmanuel Macron.

With France’s President Emmanuel Macron pledging help but also demanding international pressure.

Even threatening to ditch a European Union trade deal with brazil over the country’s response to the fires.

But not everyone is on board–including Germany, the U.K. and the EU president who stands by the trade deal.

“This is about our “To be or not to be.” at the same time the eu is ready to offer financial help to fight the fires,” said European Union President Donald Tusk.

And in a surprise twist to the already tense meetings, Iran’s foreign minister flew into the resort hosting the G7 to meet with his French counterpart about de-escalating tensions with washington.

“We will do our own outreach but, you know, you can’t stop people from talking. If they want to talk they can talk,” said President Trump.

As for the U.S. trade war with China, President Trump sent mixed signals–acknowledging he has, “Second thoughts about everything” without expanding on what he was reconsidering.

Aides later clarified that he wanted higher tariffs.

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