Work furlough inmate Patrick Woods arrested after failing to return to OCCC


Work furlough program inmate Patrick Woods is back in custody after going missing for two-and-a-half weeks.

The 45-year-old left for work in the morning of Nov. 17 and did not return to Oahu Community Correctional Center by 6 p.m. as scheduled.

State Sheriffs and Honolulu Police were notified. He was arrested on the weekend of Dec. 3, and returned to OCCC Monday morning, Dec. 5.

Woods was serving time for Forgery 2, Identity Theft 3, and Unauthorized Possession of Confidential Personal Information. Escape 2 is expected to be added to his charges.

He is classified as community custody which is the lowest custody level.

His next parole hearing is scheduled for March 2017.

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