Woman dies after car plunges into Koko Marina


The Honolulu Police Department said a 62-year-old woman died after her car wound up in the marina in Hawaii Kai.

According to police, witnesses saw a slow moving car headed straight for the water.

“I heard the noise, and I saw a big splash. I looked and I saw the car going nose dive into the water,” said Kristin Cavaney, who witnessed the crash.

Cavaney said she immediately called 911, while others ran to the sinking car to help.

“I paddled over and another gentleman who is on the car right now, he jumped in,” said Hawaii Kai resident Matt Smith.

Smith and another Good Samaritan pulled the driver from the sinking vehicle. Once ashore, Cavaney began CPR.

“I’m certified to do CPR and first aid so I started doing it until the fire department came and they took over,” Cavaney said.

The woman was transported to a hospital in critical condition, but police said she later died.

Honolulu Police are still trying to figure out why the driver lost control of the vehicle.

“At this time, the investigation is on going. We’re really not sure if it could be a medical condition. There are a lot of variables,” Lt. James Slayter of HPD explained.

Lt. Slayter said it was a brave move by all the Good Samaritans who ran to the sinking car.

“One of them was a landscaper and there were some paddlers in the area. It was just awesome that they just jumped in and helped,” Lt. Slayter said.

Those who tried to help said it was the right thing to do.

“I don’t really know. I just saw the car and I figured I should go check,” Smith said.

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