Woman critically injured after falling 60 feet from waterfall


A woman is fighting for her life after she fell 60 feet while hiking.

Kaau Crater Loop Trail hike in the mountains above Palolo is said to take as long as eight hours with hikers dealing with slippery rocks and steep terrain much of the hike.

Marcus Griego, of the 808 Caveman Hiking Group says at times the terrain can get tricky. “When you’re on top of the waterfall there’s a stream, so the stream obviously the water is slippery on the rocks and all that so if you’re up there messing around goofing off something could happen.”

A 26 year old woman had to be air lifted out of the hike after falling nearly six stories off of a waterfall. It happened at around 12:45 p.m. Thursday. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Ka’au Crater Loop trail is not designed for hikers. It’s private property. So being there is illegal.

Nonetheless, people do attempt the hike. Griego says hikers should be careful if they do attempt the trail, “I tell the hikers don’t be messing around. Don’t be doing anything crazy. Be extra careful.”

This incident is the just the latest rescue from the Ka’au Crater hike, back in 2016 a UH beach volleyball player suffered a critical fall, and in January 2017, a man fell 30 feet from a waterfall.

Griego says incidents like these are avoidable, “It shouldn’t be happening obviously maybe its inexperience or goofing around, or wrong footwear. It could be just getting way too close trying to look over. I don’t even do that and I hike a lot I don’t want to look over because I might fall off.”

In 2013, a woman fell to her death at Kaau Crater Trail. Fire officials say it happened while she was trying to take a picture.

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