Woman arrested in death of twin in Maui cliff crash fights extradition


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The woman accused of killing her twin sister in Hawaii will be behind bars in Albany a little while longer.

The extradition hearing for 38-year-old Alexandria Duval was adjourned Friday morning.

Terry Kindlon, with the Albany County Public Defender’s Office, says he and his client are still waiting on paperwork from across the country.

He says the proceedings cannot move forward until he received that paperwork.

Duval is currently sitting in Albany County Jail on $3 million bail. Bail was likely set high because it is now clear that Duval could be considered a flight risk.

Now, initially, back in June when this all started, a judge in Maui let Duval go. He said there wasn’t enough probable cause to hold her on murder charges.

Last month, the results from a device inside her Ford Explorer came back showing that she had accelerated before making a hard left and crashing into a rock wall and plummeting 200 feet off a cliff.

Following the report, a grand jury indicted her and a warrant was issued for her arrest, but she had already taken off. Knowing she was originally from the Utica area, the investigation led police to New York.

Duval was found standing outside a home on Ten Eyck Avenue in Albany last Friday.

Kindlon says his client had no idea she had been indicted and was not trying to flee. He says Duval came to the Capital Region to grieve for her sister.

“She is very distraught, very distraught. I think if nothing else, she needs to reach a greater state of peace with herself because this has been a terrible experience,” said Kindlon. “Her sister was her soul mate. She came here after the charges of murder were dismissed in Hawaii. She came here to grieve.”

Police say when they found Duval in Albany, she tried to run. Kindlon says that’s not true.

The extradition hearing is set for December 16.

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