A window washer’s first day on the job didn’t go quite as planned, after he had to be rescued from the side of a building.

The day started off like any other for the 25-year-old man and his coworkers – at the top of a high-rise on Kapiolani Boulevard. But as they were making their way down, the other men noticed something wasn’t right.

At around the 8th or 9th floor, the patient started to not feel well and was actually fading in and out of consciousness. At one point, his coworkers had to hold him up. Someone walking past on the sidewalk below noticed what was happening and called 9-1-1.

When fire crews arrived at about 10:00 a.m., firefighters had to break through a window on the 8th floor to haul the men in.

“They were physically holding him up for over half-an-hour so they were getting tired upon exhaustion,” said Captain David Jenkins of the Honolulu Fire Department. “So the safest way was decided to breach the window and bring him in at where they were holding him.”

HFD personnel used axes to break through the window and safely bring all four men into the building.

“You gota work in a pair,” said Derrick Caminos of Appearance Inc., the window washing company. “You can’t have one guy because if he was all by himself then he could be dangling up there for how many hours until somebody saw him, you know.”

The man was taken to the hospital in serious condition. His coworkers were commended for their bravery and quick thinking, and their boss gave them the rest of the day off.