Will Uber threaten to cease operations in Hawaii? The question being discussed by ride share drivers


Will Uber threaten to cease operations in Hawaii? That’s the question many are wondering tonight.

Ride share drivers said they believe Uber could do just that.

The city council’s decision to pass Bill 35 yesterday, a law that caps surge pricing on ride share services, did not sit well with Uber Senior Operations Manager Tabatha Chow. She told the media the company would have to evaluate whether it could continue in Hawaii.

That statement has many spinning their wheels. Including Uber’s drivers

Uber commercial partner and driver Brenten Yamane said there has been talk amongst the drivers.

“The rumor out there is that they may suspend operations temporarily or they may cease operations in Hawaii, or at least on this island all together,” Yamane said.

Losing any kind of ride sharing or transportation option is upsetting for some people.

Carol McNamee, the president of MADD said if any ride share service leave Hawaii it would be a great loss.

“We think it’s important for safety of the public for all these different kinds of opportunities to be available,” McNamee said.
Yamane said he’s not too concerned about Uber leaving.

“They’ve threatened this type of action, even in the mainland. It’s kind of one of their tactics that they do. It’s well known. At this point, they like to scare the public into thinking that perhaps they’re going to leave and be without transportation or perhaps their preferred transportation. My opinion is there’s just too much money for them to make to pull out,” Yamane said. “Of course nothing is confirmed and that’s the rumors going around in the driver forums and people gossiping. It has all yet to be seen. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.”

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