Widow of hit-and-run crash confronts suspect, convinces him to turn himself in

Widow of hit-and-run crash confronts suspect, convinces him to turn himself in

The man wanted in a deadly hit-and-run crash on the freeway has been arrested. 

In a strange twist, the victim’s widow was the one who persuaded the suspect to turn himself in.

The widow of Phillip Wallace was in disbelief that Headington agreed to be placed in custody. She was able to find Headington through a friend of social media.

Luaipou Wallace said, wasn’t sure what to expect when she and her siblings went to an abandoned house in Makaha. A woman who identified herself as Headington’s friend agreed to let them know where he was hiding out.

“He admitted to being the driver of the truck that night my husband was killed,” said Wallace. “I asked him after that story if I could take him in myself and he agreed.”

Police said, Headington was the driver of the stolen pickup truck that crashed into a barrier on the H1 Freeway in May. The crashed killed Phillip Wallace, who was in the bed of the truck at the time. 

Police believe Wallace had jumped on the truck to get Headington to stop after hitting a car earlier in the Kapahulu area.

Wallace’s widow said, Headington was afraid to go to the police on his own, but agreed to go with her to the police station.

“So I mean, that’s the reason why I asked him,” said Wallace. “It’s better I turn you in than the police get to you. I’m just looking for justice for my husband especially for my kids and for my husband’s family.”

Wallace adds, “How does that feel? It feels amazing. I just cannot believe the guy that killed my husband was in my car and I was taking him in.”

Wallace said even though Headington admitted to driving the truck, he also told her that he didn’t know that her husband was in the back of it. Headington also told Wallace that the truck was not stolen.

Honolulu police said they know where Headington was, but they were waiting for an arrest warrant before moving in.

Headington was arrested for failure to render aid and car theft, which are both felonies.

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