Which horror movie scares Hawaii residents the most?


With Halloween less that a week away, a resale website has released a very unscientific breakdown of the movies residents in each state are most eager to part with.

Decluttr’s reasoning: “We used our data to find out which horror movie the residents of each state have been selling most, which obviously means that they’re just too scared to cling onto it… right?”

According to the site’s data, there are six horror films Americans are scared of most:

  • IT: Arkansas, New Hampshire, South Dakota
  • The Conjuring: Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico
  • The Ring: Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas
  • The Grudge: New Jersey, New York, Oregon
  • The Exorcist: Alaska, Kentucky, Tennessee
  • Friday the 13th: Arizona, Nebraska, Washington

Which horror movie is most resold in Hawaii? That would be the 1977 Wes Craven cult classic “The Hills Have Eyes.”

Click here for the full list.

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