What makes Olivia different from Lane, and how could that affect our islands?


If Olivia hits Maui, it will be the county’s first direct hit by a tropical storm in modern history.

The storm is expected to pass over sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

It’s important to note this is going to bring different heavy rainfall to different areas than what we saw from Lane two weeks ago.

Lane never hit the islands. Rather, the storm remained 100, 120 miles to the south, bringing predominately east and southeast winds to the island, which brought two feet of rain to parts of the island, much less to other communities in this area.

Olivia has a different trajectory. It is expected to bring a predominantly north wind to the island. This is going to bring different heavy rainfall patterns than what we saw with Lane, and more of what we typically see with our trade wind direction.

Winds from the northeast are affected by orographic lift. The moist air blows in from the ocean, the mountains lift the air up and cool it quickly, resulting in more rain on the windward side and little rain for the leeward side. This is called a rain shadow.

Olivia is expected to bring a similar pattern of rain, but much more intense.

In addition to our newscasts, KHON2 will air hourly updates on Tropical Storm Olivia on-air and online through the 11 p.m. update from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

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